Installation and Configuration

Installing and configuration of horizon composer 7.x

Before we start We will need to add DNS for VRA Step 1 : Right Click on your domain name and select New Host ( A or AAAA) record


Step 2: Enter the Host name and IP address for the NSX manager and click on Add Host


Deploying the VRA OVA File Step 1 : Download the VRA OVA file from Step 2 : Select the OVA File and click Next

post3 post3

Step 3 : Select the Next in the configuration option

Step 4: Accept the ELUA and Click on Accept and Click Next


Step 5 : Give the appliance Name and select the Datacentre and click on Next


Step 6: Select the Host were the appliance need to be deployed and click Next


Step 7 : Chose the resource pool and click Next


Step 8 : Choose the Data Store and Storage Type on the Next screen and click Next

post8 post8

Step 9 : Network Mapping Select the Correct network and Click Next


Step 10 Configuring the appliance ADMIN password and IP address etc and click on NEXT

post10 post10

Review the configuration and click on power on after deployment and click on Finish